The Timeline of Machine Learning

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The Rise of Machine Learning

1950 – Turing Test
The Turing test was developed by Alan Turing for determining whether a machine can ’think’ like a human

1952 – First AI Program
A checkers program, the first learning program was written by Arthur Samuel of IBM.

1958 – First neuron network
Perceptron, a binary single neuron model algorithm, was invented at the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory by Frank Rosenblatt

1967 – K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm
Thomas Cover proposed k-nearest neighbors algorithm for basic pattern recognition

1979 – Autonomous Vehicles
The Stanford Cart successfully crossed a room full of chairs without human intervention by relying primarily on stereo vision to navigate and determine distances

1981 – Inductive Logic Program
Shapiro built first implementation that inductively inferred logic programs from positive and negative examples

Mid 1980s – Speech Recognition
IBM Research developed a real-time, isolated-word speech recognizer called Tangora, which accepts natural English sentences drawn from a vocabulary of 20000 words

1985 – NetTalk
Terry Sejnowski developed a program that learns to pronounce words the same way a baby does

1989 – Reinforcement Learning
Christopher Watkins developed Q-learning, which greatly improves the practicality and feasibility of reinforcement learning

1995 – Random Forest Algorithm
Tin Kam Ho published a paper describing random decision forests

1995 – Support Vector Machines
Corinna Cortes and Vladimir Vapnik published support vector machines

1997 – IBM Deep Blue
IBM’s Deep Blue beat the world champion Kasparov at chess

1998 – MNIST database
Yann LeCun released the MNIST database for evaluating handwriting recognition

2002 – Machine Learning Library
Torch, a software library for machine learning was released

2006 – Deep Learning
Geoffrey Hinton created the term “deep learning” to explain new algorithms that help computers distinguish objects and text in images and videos

2011 – Watson & Google Brain
Watson won the US quiz game Jeopardy!

2012 – Google Brain
Google Brain was developed its neural network which could recognize Cats on YouTube videos

2014 – DeepFace
Facebook developed a software algorithm DeepFace, which can recognize and verify individuals on photos with an accuracy of a human

2016 – Beating Humans in Go
Google’s AlphaGo program became the first Computer Go program to beat the world’s top Go player using a combination of machine learning and tree search techniques