Computational Puzzles To Flex Your Brain: 50 Original Puzzles

‘Computational Puzzles To Flex Your Brain’ puzzle book contains 50 never-before-published original and interesting puzzles which keep your brain active and cultivate creating thinking. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the puzzles in this book. All provided 50 puzzles in this book are original and created by me. The solution of each puzzle is also provided in this book. It is hoped that the content matter will help the readers to cultivate the interest in computing and mathematics.

About the book:

  • Total 50 refreshing never-before-published original puzzles
  • Perfect for kids
  • Even challenging for the savvy adult
  • Suitable for families to spend time
  • A great way to keep your brain engaged

This book is recommended for adults who love puzzles and kids ages 8 and up.