Chacha Chaudhary Aur Pran

Computational Puzzles puzzle

Pran Kumar Sharma, better known as Pran, was an Indian cartoonist best known as the creator of Chacha Chaudhary, an iconic Indian comic book character whose brain works faster than a computer. In this puzzle you have to put CHACHACHAUDHARY AUR PRAN ( चाचा चौधरी और प्राण – means CHACHA CHAUDHARY AND PRAN in English) on a given 3X3 chess board.

As shown next a 3X3 chess board is given and we have to put CHACHACHAUDHARYAURPRAN, total 22 alphabets into 9 blocks of the chess board without repeating any alphabet. Most important condition is that you have to put the alphabets in such a way that the King (piece of the chess) can complete the total movement of the given spelling on the chess board with satisfying the rule of the chess. Of course as per rule; the king moves exactly one square horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

3X3 Chess board

Example if a word is ‘INDIA’ & 2X2 Chess board is given:

2X2 Chess board

Then one solution is:

Now, 3X3 Chess board is given and a word is ‘CHACHACHAUDHARYAURPRAN’. Place the given word on provided 3X3 Chess board.

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A king can move one square in any direction (horizontally, vertically or diagonally), by applying this rule start from character C.

One solution is :