Domain Name Investment

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Why is it important to invest in domain name for any online business?

For any online business, a domain name is an asset like a property. Suppose you buy a property and start a shop on it and after a few years, in the worst scenario, if your shop business fails, then you can shut down your shop & can sell your property. In any case, while selling your property, you also calculate your investment with interest (property price appreciation & property location). The same case can be applicable to domain names (digital locations) too. Domain holding system is somewhat similar to Mumbai pagdi system. The ‘pagdi’ system is a type of leasing in which the renter has certain ownership rights over the property.

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Why is domain name investment still important in the era of Mobile Apps?

As a software consultant, generally I would suggest a small/midsize business should go for a mobile app only if that is going to be used by their customers on a daily basis. Let me give you some simple examples. Gaming , payment or entertainment apps(like streaming, photo editing etc.) have daily users. Food delivery app(Zomato/Swiggy), ridesharing apps(Ola/Uber) or streaming apps(Netflix/Hotstar) etc. have a frequent user base. But, there are some segments or services like loan, property, car dealings where their general customers (esp. of a small/midsize company) aren’t looking for their services on a daily basis. Many of them prefer to go through mobile friendly website over downloading a mobile app when such services are needed. I am not concluding that mobile apps aren’t important but they won’t substitute mobile-friendly websites. In short, domain names are still important.

Difference between Domain Squatting and Domain Investing

There is a huge difference between  domain squatting and domain investing.

Domain Squatting means purchasing a domain name under bad faith business practices or misusing a domain name which negatively impacts other entity’s reputation, identity or business.

Domain Investment means purchasing generic or legit undervalued domain names and reselling them at a higher price based on market demand and trends.