Going To Miss Bappa? Make your own “Holographic Shree Ganesha” at Home

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The 10 days Ganeshotsav (Ganpati festival) is a social, cultural and iconic hallmark of Mumbai, though it is celebrated throughout India. On the last day of the festival, Anant Chaturdashi, the immersion of Lord Ganapati’s idol takes place in a river, sea or lake. We are going to create artificial visuals of Lord Ganesha.

This old and simple trick still works! Make your own Hologram Projector at home in just 10-15 minutes. This is actually not a 3D hologram but creates the similar visual effects by using 2D animation videos. Here we go.

Collect all materials you require for DIY Hologram Projector

  1. Cutter
  2. CD Case or Transparent Sheet
  3. Pen/Pencil
  4. Graph paper
  5. Tap(better if it is clear)
  6. Scissors
  7. Scale

I am providing both the procedure video & steps for creating homemade hologram projector.

Procedure Video for Making Hologram Projector At Home

Steps for Making Hologram Projector At Home

Draw a trapezoid on a graph paper

I use a medium size of trapezoid but you can reduce or increase as per your requirement. Now if you also want medium then the Base=10 cm, Height=6 cm and Top=1.2 cm. But if you want smaller then the Base = 6 cm, Height=3.5 Cm and Top =1 Cm.

Mid-sized trapezoid
Small-sized trapezoid

Cut the transparent acrylic sheet or glass

Now cut the transparent sheet or cd cover with a cutter as per the dimension we draw in a graph paper (as shown in a video). Cut the same 4 pieces of cd cover/transparent sheet as shown in the video.

Join all 4 pieces together & create pyramid projector

Now attach all 4 pieces from the edgers to form a pyramid shape. Stick them each other by tape as shown in video. Tadaa! your hologram projector is ready.

Download “Holographic Shree Ganesha” video from Youtube

Now download the below “Holographic Shree Ganesha” video from youtube or get more hologram videos from Youtube.

Put your hologram pyramid on center of your screen (In this specific video, the center is shown by a square in the beginning) and play a video and for better visuals don’t forget to switch off the lights in the room. Hope you will enjoy.

If you want ready-made 4 transparent acrylic pieces or have any quires , need help or any suggestion then just mail me : shahviru4you [at] gmail [dot] com