The Theater, the TV and the OTT

Law Study

In June 2023, the Indian government made it mandatory for OTT platforms to display anti-tobacco warnings and disclaimers as seen in the movies screened in the theaters and TV programs. But, do you wonder why all movies aren’t under the one law for Theater, TV or OTT?

The theatre and TV era started much before smart devices.

  • The theater is a public place.
  • The TV in a cafe is in a public place, while the TV in the house is in a private place.
  • The OTT depends on the smart device used to access the streaming content. Your smart device accessed by you (generally with a locking facility) is a private place wherever you are. (Unless your device causes any “effects” on the public in a public place.) Technically, content is available to a private subscriber only.

Due to different consumer types, consumer timings, consumer places, distribution timings, distribution mediums, technologies, content types, content rights holders; all three aren’t under the same law.