Trinity – Triveni

Spiritual Science Study

Merry Christmas!!! May your holiday season be filled with peace, positivity, and pies!

As per my knowledge, in Christianity, the trinity implies that God exists as three distinct persons. In Hinduism, also, the triveni or trinity also holds special status. For example, trilok, trikal, tridev etc. In math, also, 3 axis (X, Y & Z) as cartesian coordinates are important.

(Triveni Mahasangam is the confluence of three rivers that is also a sacred place, as per Hinduism. The image shown below is one Triveni Mahasangam, located in the pilgrimage town of Somnath, Gujarat, India.)

The question then arises why our man & woman world looks at people of the third gender with derision. Due to some genetic disorders, they don’t fit in our man and woman category. I am not supportive of too woke culture. But our society should protect their rights to live and contribute to the development of all mankind with dignity. They shouldn’t be outcasted from their families or treated as aliens. Our society should not push them to beggary. Their entitled rights to equal education & professional career should be protected.