DC vs. Marvel: Dawn of Superheroes

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DC Vs Marvel war is a century-long ongoing battle between two companies who are todays much more than just comics book companies. Marvel is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company while DC is a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Company. Currently Marvel Studio is excelling at their Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and DC Entertainment is still struggling in the field of live action movies even though having characters like Superman and Batman. But on smaller screen and animation front, DC is ahead of Marvel. While DC is separating their TV and Movie universes, Marvel has unified all TV and movies in one universe.
Let’s Begin The Battle!

Usually DC and Marvel both have around the same market shares in the comic industry. According to Forbes, Marvel dominated the market share (in terms of both unit share and dollar share) in 2019 and has minor lead over DC.
DC = 0, Marvel= 1

2.Live Action Movies
Marvel is currently leading by a wide margin, though DC is finally catching up to Marvel (By not copying them)
In my opinion, DCEU and MCU both have different visual styles and both are doing great in this department respectively. DC’s approach is bringing comic books to the screen while Marvel movies are shot to look like our world. So if DCEU is intended to look like comic panels brought to life, MCU is showing what our world would look like if it had superheroes in it. DC= 0, Marvel= 2

3.Animated Movies
DC is an undisputed champion in this arena. In fact, DC has DCAMU(DC Animated Movie Universe), a shared universe centered on a series of superhero films, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment and distributed by Warner Home Video.
DC=1, Marvel= 2

4.TV/ Web live action series
Marvel’s movies are so much better than DC’s. Surprisingly, though, that actually works in DC’s favor when it comes to TV shows, and less so with Marvel’s. The Arrowverse shows are populated with enough major DC Comics characters (Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and many more) that they don’t feel lacking for star power. Marvel’s has tied to connect all their TV shows with MCU, but they’re only tied in name only. Again DC is leading by a narrow margin. DC=2, Marvel=2

5.Animated TV Series
As far as any animated series goes, DC definitely takes the cake here. The art style and the stories are just far better. With things like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League, it’s easy to see and understand.
DC=3, Marvel = 2

Now in the games front, DC is on the upper hand than Marvel. Thanks to the whole batman series, DC has got an edge over Marvel in terms of the number of great games they have. Again DC is clear winner in game zone.
DC =4, Marvel =2

Marvel is definitely leading in the merchandise field including toys, accessories etc mostly due to popularity of their live action movies.
Dc = 4, Marvel= 3

8.Theme Parks
The parent of Marvel, Disney is the largest amusement park company in the world. In this segment, Marvel is again leading because of the influence of their live action movies.
DC =4, Marvel=4

9. Credit Card Partnership
I am sure, many of you will think how in the hell comics are associated with credit card? But for both, fun & financial fact, you are surprised to know that Marvel is associated with MasterCard while DC is associated with Visa. Synchrony Financial and Marvel are offering a rewards credit card, the “Marvel MasterCard®” and exclusive cardholder benefits, while UMB Bank and DC are offering a rewards credit card, the “DC Power Visa®”. DC=5, Marvel=5

Considering all the factors we have discussed, it’s clear to conclude that DC. Vs Marvel battle ends in a tie. 😃