Dhingana – Startup Story

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Dhingana.com was an online streaming website of Indian music across the globe.

Launched in 2007, Dhingana was founded by twin brothers, Snehal and Swapnil Shinde who started the company based on their love of Bollywood and Indian music. Back then, there were no good Indian music-streaming products which could work across all platforms and which provided users legal access to Indian music. That is when they decided to start something on their own; to make a business out of their passion. Thus started the Dhingana journey.’Dhingana’ is a word from the Marathi language which means joy, zeal and frenzy.

In May 2012, Dhingana also released an application for Facebook, allowing friends to share playlists and listen to music directly in their timeline. In March 2014, San Francisco-based Rdio acquired Dhingana To Push For Global Expansion.