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iimjobs.com is an exclusive job portal for MBAs from premier business schools in India. Tarun Matta, an alumnus of IIM Indore the founder of it.

Tarun worked as a software engineer prior to his MBA. He realized that bigger, more established job portals didn’t cater to the needs of MBAs from premier business schools in India. There were other unstructured channels like Alumni groups, mailing lists, networks, etc through which job seekers came to know of open positions. He started iimjobs.com in early 2008 as a hobby project to fill this need. He started by spending an few hours every week in putting up job postings for everyone to view and apply.

The site is basically a job board, where job seekers must indicate their preferences and choose their areas of interest and skills. Subsequently, they will receive a personalized feed, which they can modify later, by un-following certain streams or keywords. Job listings are routinely filtered and moderated, so as to target suitable candidates. Thus the site works for both the job-seeker as well recruiter. He got tremendous response for that. The site grew because of a very unique feature. Anyone can apply for a position posted on IIMJobs even if he/she is not a registered member. Of course registered members enjoy much more features like job feeds, job-related e-mail messages etc. In 2012, iimjobs secured funding From One97 Communications, India Venture Partners & Others.