Long Live The Vegetarian


The major benefit of being vegetarian is that you may live longer. Check the analysis (done by Dheeraj Jain – jainmandir.org) of census of India 2011. Census 2011 India data has revealed that Jains in India have the highest percentage of members in the above-70 age group, among major religious communities. In fact, in the US, the investors are pouring millions of dollars into the research iof the plant-based meat substitutes. Even seeing the headlines from the famous fast food chains like Burger King, KFC are testing plant based food in the US or the UK. Demand for plant-based food is even rising in the world after the corona virus pandemic. So yeah, being vegetarian not only helpful to the mother nature but our life too.

Vegetarian is the best way to go

India is the birthplace of many major religions of the world and people of different religions live together in harmonyEvery Indian government and our constitution support the freedom of any religion. Jainism is India’s sixth-largest religion and practiced throughout India. Jainism is a religion that rejects the idea of raising and using animals as commodities and preaches vegetarianism. In Jainism, vegetarianism is must for its followers.

India Census 2011 data of age group-wise distribution of population has revealed that among major religious communities, Jains in India have the highest percentage of members in the 65+ age group. A look at the table below shows the % of population in this age group.

  India Hindu Muslim Christian Sikh Buddhist Jain
Total 5.47 5.65 3.99 6.36 7.57 6.26 8.26
Rural 5.64 5.81 4.12 6.07 7.85 7.42 9.29
Urban 5.09 5.27 3.78 6.79 6.88 4.71 8.00

The data shows that 5.47% of population of India lies in the age group of 65+ years. The percentage population in this age group varies for different religious communities toughing the highest in case of Jains, that is 8.26%.

Though Jains have highest literacy level and are a comparatively prosperous society, the reason for longevity of Jains lies in their way of living. Jainism has a number of ethoses such as respect to life, vegetarianism and practices like always consuming filtered water among others, that have played a major role in increasing longevity. Staying away from unhealthy habits and even stopping eating at night help to reduce various stomach related disorders. The doctors also recommend that one must have dinner by 7-8 PM for better digestion and health. Jain philosophy and its practice of non-violence and vegetarianism have an optimistic influence on the human being.

(PS: All views are personal and don’t intend to offend any person’s religious beliefs or diet habits)haps