Need for More RRU, NFSU

Infra Study

With enhanced use of cyberspace and an increase in the pace of digitalization, the number of cybercrimes is also increasing at an exponential rate in India and around the globe. Also, in today’s world, it is not necessary that the terrorist attackers will come only through air, land or water, but also through the internet. Cyberterrorism is a major concern for any country’s national security.

Developing the best quality technical equipments and training for existing security personnels and fostering next generation cyberexperts is neccesary. For technical security upgrade, both, Rashtriya Raksha University (specialization in national security and police training) and National Forensic Sciences University (specialization in cyber security and forensic) in each state are the need of the hour. Recently, last month, RRU handed over innovative rooster drones developed in partnership with a Hyderabad-based company to the Indian Army. RRU at present has five campuses & NFSU has ten campuses, including one international campus in Africa. RRU & NFSU are the institutions of National Importance of India. Both central & all state governments should work in tandem in the direction of creating both institutes per state. So that more students will be aware of them and these institutes get more and more the best talent to develop them. Though they are already providing social science, arts, law, management courses related to security apart from technology, creating a cluster with other reputed Indian institutes for multidisciplinary knowledge sharing will be more beneficial. Additionally, also setup or collaborate with other international campuses or universities as a practical cooperation or mutual partnership with other partner countries.