Server On Space

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We don’t know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but Satoshi Nakamoto missed one thing in his/her/their bitcoin white paper, published following the 2008 global financial crisis. “Human and war.” Fiat currencies like American Dollar, British Pound aren’t fluctuating much until they are directly involved in some kind of war. But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, one of the global virtual currencies, are going to impact any time when any war happens on any place of the earth. For example, we have seen high fluctuations in the bitcoin price due to Russia-Ukraine or Israel-Hamas war. That’s maybe one possible reason why cryptocurrency won’t replace fiat currency even in the future. Also, bitcoin is a decentralized model, but its infrastructure is still spread across the globe. In short, any natural or man-made disaster on the earth is more likely to impact its infrastructure or its valuation.

Some people believe Satoshi Nakamoto may have some connection with the “PayPal Mafia” group or its members. Because, whoever wrote the bitcoin white paper must have a fintech background and PayPal is the world’s most notable fintech firm. I would suggest you search for the “PayPal Mafia” term on the internet and find out more about that group if you have heard this for the first time. For the time being, in short, the “PayPal Mafia” group is related to people who are/were once part of PayPal company and have founded Tesla, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX and many others. Elon Musk is also part of this group. What makes their theory or speculation interesting is that his investments in SpaceX and Cryptos. Anyway, what if the centralized infrastructure of digital currency is set up on space? It will be technically immune from natural or man-made disasters happening on the earth.

As per the researchers, the South Polar is the best place for the first settlement, either man or machine, on the Moon. In my guess, before man, machine colonies will be set up on the moon. Sufficient sunlight and lots of shade in the South Polar may provide lunar station inhabitants with solar power and water. The temperature is more stable at the South Pole than in other parts of the Moon. 

Thanks to ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, India became the first and only country to successfully land on the Moon’s South Pole. Another impressive note is that the cost of this mission is even lower than a big budget Hollywood movie. Setting up the infrastructure or disaster recovery center of e-Rupee or any digital currency on the Moon will make that currency technically very reliable, as it is somewhat immune from any unpleasant activity on the Earth. We also have to consider several different communication architectures that enable robust lunar South Pole communication to Earth, such as a direct line-of-sight connection, peak-to-peak antenna relay chains, or a system of lunar polar relay satellites. The Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) is the communication facilities operated by ISRO. “Server On Space” (SOS) or “Server On Moon” (SOM) protocol or service needs to be developed for organizing robust transaction recording via communication between the infrastructures of the Earth and the Moon.