Computer Science Rush And Puzzles For Young Minds


In the era of computer science rush, many people learn or encourage others to learn computer programming and algorithms. In simple words, programming or algorithms are the mathematical or logical steps. On the other side, puzzles are not only providing entertainments but also fostering computational thinking and problem solving for centuries. They encourage our mind to think mathematically, differently and creatively and also cultivate critical reasoning and problem solving skills that can be useful in every aspect of life.

They are also an important education learning tool that improves especially the young minds’ ability to interpret and comprehend things easily. If you notice, some of most important algorithms in computer science, such as N Queen or travelling salesman problem, are based on puzzles. Puzzles also stimulate solvers’ interest in learning and designing different algorithmic solutions. It also increases our visual awareness and develops a deeper understanding of topics and themes.

Let’s take one example of computational puzzle:

There is musical fountain which plays music for certain time period at certain time interval. Can you predict the next five times when it will be playing the music?  [ For programmer: Can you write a program to set the timing?]










If you have notice, the playing time of the musical fountain is increased by 1 minute at every iteration. The initial time interval between two shows is 45 minutes. Then, this interval time is increased by 3 minutes every time.

Musical Fountain Show Timings











Sometimes solving puzzles requires a trial and error process which involves a lot of calculative steps or manipulation. I have published some interesting kids friendly puzzle books on Kindle. In these books, you will find interesting puzzles that are suitable for kids as well as for adults. These puzzles are either my own creation or chosen from a collection of puzzles that I have encountered over the years in news papers, books, magazines, websites and blogs those are in public domain twisted with my version. I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading my books. In my viewpoint, creative or logical thinking is more important for younger minds. Most of the books are kids and family friendly. If you are a puzzle fan then give them a try and your valuable feedbacks are welcomed.

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