UPSC Toppers (1864-2022)

Civil Story Feature Timeline

Every job or career has its own charm, so always listen to your heart because you have your professional period for 40-45 years. Campus placement or clearing some exam is a short-term goal or a starting point. Recently, the UPSC Result 2022 was declared by the officials on 23rd May 2023 and made headlines in the newspapers. I found while most of us see Indian Administrative Service (IAS) (Established:1858 as ICS) or Indian Foreign Service (IFS) (Established: 1946) as a lucrative civil offering, there are constantly a few applicants who pick out Indian Revenue Service (IRS) (Established:1944) / Indian Police Service (IPS) (Established: 1948) over IAS or IFS as their first preference. Some notable examples: Kiran Bedi, V.V. Lakshminarayana. Kiran Bedi is the first woman to join the Indian Police Service and one of the highest-ranked female officers in India. Her first preference was IPS. Another one, V.V. Lakshminarayana, was ranked 1st in the UPSC civil services of the 1990 batch but chose IPS instead of IAS. The point is always following your passion rather than just trends and giving your 100% effort to it.

Some notable Civil Services Exam facts:

  1. In 1864, the first Indian, Shri Satyendranath Tagore, brother of Shri Rabindaranath Tagore , became the first Indian to qualify for the Indian Civil Services Examination. (Historical Perspective Reference:
  2. Anundoram Borooah, a lawyer and scholar of Sanskrit, became the first Northeast Indian to clear the Indian Civil Services Examination in 1870. He was both the first graduate and the first Indian Civil Service officer from the state of Assam. He was also the first Indian to attain the post of district magistrate in India.
  3. Gurusaday Dutt topped the Indian Civil Service Examination in 1905. Having finished 7th in the first part of the examination, he stood 1st in the second part. Overall, he secured 1st position in the Open Competitive Service examination that year, becoming the first Indian to have ever done so.
  4. Sir Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh (known as C. D, Deshmukh) was the topper of the Indian Civil Services Examination in 1918 and was the first Indian to be appointed the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in 1943 by the British Raj authorities.
  5. K. P. S. Menon secured the first rank in the combined Civil Services Examination 1921 and was appointed independent India’s first Foreign Secretary, serving from 1948 to 1952.
  6. In 1948, Chonira Belliappa Muthamma became the first woman to clear the Indian Civil Services Examination and joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1949. She became India’s first woman IFS Officer and Ambassador.
  7. The first-ever IPS (Indin Police Service) batch of independent India came in 1948 when C.V. Narasimhan topped the examination and became the first IPS officer of India.
  8. Krishnaswamy Subrahmanyam, father of present external affairs minister S.Jaishankar, stood first among those who opted for the Indian Administrative Service in 1950.
  9. In 1951, Anna Rajam Malhotra became the first woman IAS officer in India.
  10. Dietrich Brandis, a German expert, became the first Inspector General of Forests in British India and set up the Imperial Forest Service in 1867. However, the modern Indian Forest Service (IFoS) was established in 1966. The first Inspector General of Forests, Hari Singh, was instrumental for the creation of the Indian Forest Service.
  11. Duvvuri Subbarao (known as D. Subbarao) topped the Civil Services Examination in 1972 and was the 22nd Governor of Reserve Bank of India, serving under Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.
  12. In 1972, Kiran Bedi became the the first woman IPS officer.
  13. In the last 15 years(2008-22), 60% of UPSC Rank 1 holders are female.
  14. In the last 15 years(2008-22), 60% of UPSC Rank 1 holders have been engineers.

Civil Services Exam Toppers List

YearNameDegree At the time of Civil ExamsEducation StreamM(Male)/F(Female)Home State
2022Ishita KishoreB.A.ArtsFBihar
2021Shruti SharmaM.A.ArtsFUttar Pradesh
2020Shubham KumarB.TechEngineeringMBihar
2019Pradeep SinghB.E.EngineeringMHaryana
2018Kanishak KatariaB.TechEngineeringMRajasthan
2017Anudeep DurishettyB.TechEngineeringMTelangana
2016Nandini K RB.TechEngineeringFKarnataka
2015Tina DabiB.A.ArtsFDelhi
2014Ira SinghalB.Tech, MBAEngineeringFDelhi
2013Gaurav AgrawalB.Tech, PGDMEngineeringMRajasthan
2012Haritha V KumarB.TechEngineeringFKerala
2011Shena AggarwalM.B.B.SMedicalFHaryana
2010S. DivyadharsiniB.A, LL.BArtsFTamil Nadu
2009Shah FaesalM.B.B.SMedicalMJammu & Kashmir
2008Shubhra SaxenaB.TechEngineeringFUttar Pradesh
2007Apada KarthikM.B.B.S.MedicalMTelangana
2006Mutyalaraju RevuB.Tech, M.E.EngineeringMAndhra Pradesh
2005Mona PruthiB.A. , M.PhilArtsFHaryana
2004S. NagarajanB.TechEngineeringMTamil Nadu
2003Roopa MishraB.Com, MBACommerceFOdisha
2002Ankur GargB.TechEngineeringMPunjab
2001Alok Ranjan JhaM.A. , M.PhilArtsMBihar
2000Vijayalakshmi BidariB.TechEngineeringFKarnataka
1999Sorabh Babu MaheshwariB.E.EngineeringMUttar Pradesh
1998Bhawna GargB.TechEngineeringFPunjab
1997Devesh KumarB.TechEngineeringMBihar
1996Sunil Kumar BarnwalB.TechEngineeringMJharkhand
1995Iqbal DhaliwalB.A. , M.A.ArtsMTamil Nadu
1994Ashutosh JindalB.E.EngineeringMPunjab
1993Srivasta KrishnaB.A.ArtsMKarnataka
1992Anurag SrivastavaB.TechEngineeringMUttar Pradesh
1991Raju Narayana SwamyB.TechEngineeringMKerala
1990V.V. LakshminarayanaB.Tech, M.TechEngineeringMAndhra Pradesh
1989Shashi Prakash GoyalB.Sc.ScienceMUttar Pradesh
1988Prashant KumarMBihar
1987Amir SubhaniM.A.ArtsMBihar
1986Rajni Shekhari SibalB.Sc.ScienceFHaryana
1979Hrusikesh PandaM.Sc.ScienceMOdisha
1977Javed UsmaniPGDM, M.Sc.ScienceMUttar Pradesh
1974Bhaskar BalakrishanM.Sc.ScienceMMaharashtra
1973Nirupama RaoB.A., M.A.ArtsFKerala
1972Duvvuri SubbaraoM.Sc.ScienceMAndhra Pradesh
1967P. V. RajaramanM.Sc.ScienceMTamil Nadu
1963Naresh Chandra SaxenaM.Sc.ScienceMUttar Pradesh
1950Krishnaswamy SubrahmanyamM.Sc.ScienceMTamil Nadu
1941Nirmal Kumar MukarjiMDelhi
1921K. P. S. MenonMKerala
1918C. D. DeshmukhB.Sc.ScienceMMaharashtra
1905Gurusaday DuttMWest Bengal